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Earn Crypto on the Memes that you Love. Create the NFT Meme and earn on the each activity with your art. Pick reactions, share the comment, boost it and make new trend.
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Join and Earn on Memes
Join and Earn on Memes
Start your journey into the world of neomodernism and art of the 21st century based on the payment technologies of the future. By combining blockchain and distributed ledger, anyone can start making money by creating memes and generating new ones, register copyrights, transfer ownership of a genesis meme.
Attention to Crypto
Make Fun
Comment and Vote
Get rewarded for the popularity of your meme and earn tokens from the attention to creativity.
Create interesting memes and look at the funniest situations in the world and in cryptocurrency that may interest the community
Watch MemeTube and share Memes that you like, views, comments and reactions under art to make the value and popular of the meme
Value Revolution
Meme Value Revolution
All viral and famous memes have no financial value and are hard to monetize. A lot of memes become public, and then when the hype ends, the source file is devalued and attention is lost.

When creating a meme on Memolution, you always have the source file, which can be sold and transferred the rights to own and use, and your creativity will not lose value.
Meme Marketplace
All created memes are placed on the public marketplace. The marketplace supports videos and pictures. Users can leave likes, comments, views, reposts and prepared posts for Twitter and other social networks for promotion. The marketplace supports meme trading, betting system, transfer. The higher the stats of a meme, the more expensive it is and you can stake it and earn MEMEUSD Token
Gif and MP4 Support
Trade and Bet
Promote, Like, View, Comment
Meme Market
Meme Browser
AI search algorithms can find the right meme and video by description, moods and emotions, as well as by keywords, so as not to look for what you need and its basic source
AI Searching Alghorithm
Key Word Understanding
Big Data Analysis
Meme Browser
AI Generator
Meme AI Generator
AI generator can create memes based on old and new trends, as well as take into account the attention and interest of the community for new funny and relevant memes and jokes
Sale Soon
Trend Analysis
Fast Fun
Meme Design
memeUSD Token
MEMEUSD token is a native meme generator token. You can earn MEMEUSD for the popularity of your memes. Use a MEMEUSD to promote and pay for premium marketplace features.
Crypto Adoption
Earn MEMEUSD on Memes
Promote your Creative
Premium Features
We're dedicated to easing the use of blockchain and memes, elevating contemporary art's economy, and tackling copyright challenges.
Meme Marketplace
Boost the value and significance of your meme according to its popularity. The more traction it gains, the higher its value and staking power.
Create, buy, sell, rate, and place bids on memes. Enhance the value and reach of your memes based on views, likes, comments, and shares in the marketplace.
Creating a meme on the blockchain permanently secures your copyright. Anyone can always prove ownership, protecting your meme, its value, and tokens, with all features backed by smart contracts.
Storage Protection
We offer decentralized storage for memes based on a distributed ledger, ensuring that no external influence can disrupt our services. Decentralized data storage using IPFS guarantees uninterrupted service and reliable storage for each piece of art.
Connect seamlessly to the world of blockchain technology via Wallet Connect or through your MetaMask wallet.
Social Network
Explore new memes, engage in comment sections, dive into trending meme discussions, share with friends, and enjoy unrestricted interactions. Comment freely without any censorship or limitations, fostering a vibrant community of meme lovers.
  • Project architecture design
  • Website
  • Community
  • Development of Meme Generator
  • Monetization Architecture: M2E, C2E
  • Fundraising: VC, Private Round, IEO
  • Token Generation Event
  • Complex Contracts Audit
  • Token Listing
  • Meme Generator release
  • DeFi, Staking, Liquidity
  • AI Meme Generator
  • Meme Marketplace
  • Top blockchain integrations
  • Partnerships, Scaling, and Fun %)
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Token Allocation
Token Allocation
MEMEUSD Burn each time of token transfer until there are 300
millions MEMEUSD left.
1.35 Trillions
1.35 Trillions
1.35 Trillions
2.7 Trillions
4.05 Trillions
Token Sale
6.75 Trillions
Liquidity Treasure
9.45 Trillions
Community Rewards
27 Trillions MEMEUSD
Total Supply:
Our team
Earn Crypto on the Memes that you Love. Create the NFT Meme and Earn on each activity with your art. Pick reactions, share the comment, boost it and make new trend.
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